Sigurd Culhane
Sigurd (Old Norse: Sigurðr) is a legendary hero of Norse mythology, as well as the central character in the Völsunga saga. 
Sigurd Culhane, much like the norse legend in very few ways, is a young director residing in Los Angeles, CA. He is a native of Rochester, NY, and a graduate from Syracuse University's film masters program at the Newhouse School of Communication. Moving to Los Angeles in 2012, Sigurd began working in the commercial world. In 2013 he shot his first short film, 'Artful Gambit,' which screened at festivals both locally and abroad. Since then he has worked on several projects from music videos to short films, and commercials. Currently Sigurd is a director at Lure Films in Los Angeles.
Non-Commercial Projects

Commercial & Music Video
Director at Lure Films